Coming from a classical music background, playing the piano and drums in his early years, the sounds those instruments provided soon weren’t enough. „Zeitstill“ (Constantin Stemmler, real name) then bought his first synthesizer which opened new doors for him and his creativity.

He is producing his own music now for 6 years, which is localy well known for its sophisticated approach both in sound design and rhythm composing. His music combines pieces of deep feelings, melancholy and thoughtful rhythms with a danceable, club friendly drive. His songs can both be heard while thinking or studying, aswell as on a pumping dance floor.

He is also doing sound design and music for film, collecting sounds for foley, creating content for YouTube and creates his own sample packs, which you’ll soon can buy on this website aswell.

As a co-founder and ceo of fuchsenhuette records and fuchsenhuette studio, he is also responsible for administrative tasks, listening to new demo submissions and content creativity.

contact: zeitstill@fuchsenhuette.com