Want to test the quality of our service?

Let us master 60 seconds of your track for free!

Why even choose us?

We dont just offer you mixing and mastering,

we offer a service in which you take a part on your own!

Because in the end it is about your music. So you should also be involved in the progress.

You will be able to get updates on the progress,

feedback the results and directly influence the final outcome.

What genre is accepted?

We are open for pretty much any genre but we prefer electronic music such as house and techno.

For some reference of our latest mixes, check out our release page:



Do you always felt that your mix suffers in quality and your music could reach a much better overall sound?

Then let us help mix your music.



Your mix sounds great but the final track just doesnt have enough punch and loudness?

Then let us master your track!


Mixing + Mastering

Want to get mixing and mastering together?

Then lets get started!



Want to mix or master more then one track?

Let us make a custom deal just for you.

Write us at:


Export 60 seconds of your track in 41.1khz , 24Bit WAV

Then please upload it on any uploading website such as google, dropbox, mega etc. and send us the link to our email:


(Please dont send your track as an email attachment and also dont send any other files within your audio file.)